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About Us


SOUND LOUNGE started with the aim of providing customers with right solution for their audio-video requirement keeping in view their need and utility. Our strength has been in providing the solution with the factor of “ease of use”


Today it is easy to procure any and every audio-video brand in India, but it is very important and at the same time difficult to find the  right integrator for the products. Our skills have been refined further by our experience in keen understanding the customer’s requirement and products that will suit his purpose the best.


In our multi-brand store we have dedicated theater room and audio listening area for world famous and respected brands Providing you the solution for Home Theater, Music System, Music Distribution/Background Music, Audio-Video Streaming, Acoustics treatment, Dance floor music, outdoor music, Conference room, arena…


We help you cut through the clutter and identify the product that suits your taste by guiding you with professional auditions and the right technical advice without bias. We guarantee end-to-end product support. And finally, we offer transparent and competitive pricing that fits your budget. It's a complete value-for-money experience. So call us or mail us for an audition appointment or any queries you may have on our products and services. Or simply walk in with an open mind. At SOUND LOUNGE we are always ready with a unbiased sound solution.